Rambles, Rolling Over, and Kamden's Star Performance

Nathan is working evenings this week doing very monotonous, boring work. He's basically babysitting the spacecraft and he's in a clean tent the whole time. When he's in the clean tent he can't have a book, which is his favorite past time of late (reading)! He can however have computers. So...tonight he called me on his lunch break and during our chat he asks if I have updated the blog lately. I told him I wrote a post a couple days ago  and asked why. He said, "You should write one, or two, or three, or four posts tonight. I'm bored!"

Well, I don't think I will get four posts written but I'll make an effort to keep him busy for a little while at least! :-)

I'm in more of a contemplative mood so I'll probably just ramble for a while but who listens to my ramblings better than the husband? Nobody, that's right! 

Lately, I'm trying to figure out how to catch up on life. Seriously, is it possible because I have this huge mental list of to-do's that just keeps growing and growing. I still have organizing to do in this house, decorations, laundry (on a daily basis), cooking, cleaning, baking (that is a necessity, I promise), pruning and watering my garden (which is let's admit on a downhill climb), taking care of the flower beds, changing diapers, kissing owies, nursing a baby, feeding a ever-hungry 2 year old, blogging, scrapbooking (ha...like that will happen for years), party preparations, reading my book, grocery shopping, dishes (constantly), craft projects, primary lessons, and all the other things I forgot about because I didn't write them down (remember, this is a mental to-do list)! Oh, and try to shower on a daily basis.

Haha...maybe I'm being a little ridiculous but let's be honest, those are most of the thing that take up the majority of my time, except for a few of those that are just things I wish I made time for! 

But I'm learning something every day. It's taking a while because I'm hard-headed but my little ones help me to practice every day. I need to slow down sometimes. I need to sit and play cars with my Bubba Bear. I need to revel in the time that I have with my Kali girl before she grows up into a teenage girl who doesn't have all the time in the world for me anymore. I know in 10-15 years I'm going to be asking for more time with my kids and then I'm going to hear a voice say, "You had your time and you were too busy.  You couldn't simplify. You couldn't shut the computer. You couldn't put down the book. You let it pass by and slip right through your fingers. My expectations of what I should accomplish in a day are a lot lower now because otherwise I'm going to disappoint myself. Not because I don't want to be productive but because my littles deserve my time and not only that but they still want my time and attention. I better take advantage of it while I can! 

And, seriously who could resist these cute faces?

I mean, Kamden is already a 2 year old. He's already as independent as they come and it won't be much longer before I will miss hearing the cries for help or the tap on my arm to come play cars with him. He is learning so much every day!

And Kali, she is rolling over...both ways! I thought the newborn stage was supposed to last a little bit longer. This stage is so fun though too!

I need to slow down and enjoy these little ones while they are still little! :-)
I think this is more of a mental reminder than a declaration but I need that every once in a while and having it down on the blog to read later is even better. I'm trying. I'll keep trying. I'll do better.

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  1. Such a good reminder for us all. Those cuties are growing up to fast. I wish I could eat those sweet cheeks right up! You are so awesome, love ya!