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Although this summer is just as blasted hot as every other summer in Maryland we have tried to spend some time outside. I love summer, I do, but I'm more of a dry heat kind of gal. I love my Idaho summers...and I miss them. It's hard to convince myself to spend too much time outside on those blasted hot days lately because I feel like I both took a shower and need a shower every time I'm outside. That's really not enjoyable to me!

We try to keep up on the garden with spending a night or two a week outside. Kamden loves helping me with the garden and the flowers. He digs in the dirt, picks off the "not so dead" flowers for me while I pick off the dead ones, runs through the water, and of course sprays me with the hose almost every time! He is always so proud of himself when he helps!

Even though I hate the heat I start feeling really cooped up in this place after too long and one of our go-to activities for that this summer has been a picnic! We've been on a couple and I finally got to try out my picnic backpack that Nathan got me. I loved it! We went to a nice park in Timonium a couple weeks ago after hitting up a local dutch market for some yummy food. We got to the park, found a pot, unpacked everything, and realized we forgot the deli meat at the market! :-( Sandwiches just won't do without deli meat...so we packed up and drove back to the market. The lady who helped us remembered me and had kindly saved our meat for us when she realized we forgot it so she gave it to me and I headed out. We got back to the park, found a new spot, unpacked the food, opened up the bag our meat was in and instead of our deli meat, she accidentally gave us ground beef! :-/ This time Nathan practically ran back to the Suburban and drove back to the market before they closed and made it just in time to successfully switch the ground beef over for the deli meat! He got back and we successfully had a nice little picnic at the park! It took us close to 3 hours to finally eat our food but we sure enjoyed it when it finally worked out! Kamden loves parks and picnics so he was in heaven and he loved loved loved the deer we spotted!

We went to the zoo today and Kamden was in the clouds with all the animals...especially the lions and the gorillas. We got lucky and the male lion decided to put on a little show for us so Kamden got to hear the lion actually roar and after shushing the lion with his finger over his mouth he said, "Cool!"

When we aren't hanging outside, a lot of this goes on...

Movie Nights, of course...

 and snuggles.

I love summer but I think I like fall even better in Maryland so Fall, here we come! Be good to us!

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  1. Haha that Totally Cracks Me Up About The Deli Meat. Good Job For STicking It Out And Actually Doing The Picnic. Love The Pictures And Love You!