Howard County Fair

I was itching to get out and go on an adventure one Saturday (every Saturday) so Nathan planned a little adventure for us. I told him I was even okay with just going on a nice long scenic drive so we started out with the scenic route for about an hour and ended up at the Howard County Fair for a little bit of fun!

It was not an amazing fair. It's hard to measure up to the Idaho State Fair that was just about 3 miles away from our house in Blackfoot. We went every year multiple times a year! We would honestly go just for the food some nights! :-) We still had fun, even if I protested Nathan's picture taking choices!

Kali lounged in the stroller, and Kamden enjoyed seeing the animals, especially petting the sheep and the goats!

I love the spur of the moment adventures that are unplanned but so sweet!

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  1. So fun, I can't wait for the fair to come here! I love those little cute faces and miss you all. I'm so glad you guys got to have a little outing. Love you all!